Cato and Glimmer?!!!


I just saw the movie and something caught my eye all the movie What do you think? Also, I forgot to mention CAto was pulling Glimmer along when the tracker jackers fell on them, she tripped and Clove or Peeta I can’t remember who pulled Cato off. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Clato Evidence and pros Cato and Clove are from the same district, meaning they could have known each other before the games both tributes are violent and like killing so they would be a good match Clove screamed for Cato to save her.

The Hunger Games: where are the tributes now?

But does anyone remember the 22 tributes who died in the first film? He was then shot in retaliation by a bow-and-arrow wielding Katniss yay! Where are they now? What we do care about is the fact that the year-old actor is the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. Glimmer, a trained “career” from District 1, certainly knew this.

Leaving the career pack with only 3 members Cato and Clove from D2 and Marvel Both of them had and important role in the story. I personally think this is an interesting scenario since of the 3 girls we only know Clove in a real way. I think it would be so interesting to see how 3 girl careers would work together if their.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. What if Peeta was reaped in the 73rd Hunger Games? What if Katniss was injured and unable to volunteer for Prim? What happens to the outcome of the games when Onyx Rose changes the fate of all she meets and how will the tributes react by the rebels cutting the games off early.

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March 25, To get the boring stuff out of the way first: The Huger Games is a good movie. Tense, fast-paced, and riveting, its nearly two and a half hour running time passes effortlessly and with a white-knuckle intensity that leaves one feeling almost breathless when the credits roll. Jennifer Lawrence is excellent as Katniss Everdeen, the girl forced to compete for her life in a gladiatorial contest with twenty three other children, including one who is in love with her, crafting a character who is both heroic and overwhelmed, savvy and naive.

A strong cast, with standout performances from Woody Harrelson as Katniss’s alcoholic mentor Haymitch and Elizabeth Banks as the vapid but strangely affectionate capitol representative Effie, help to bring that world to life. It is, in short, an excellent evening’s entertainment. Now to the more interesting discussion: I watched The Hunger Games with my brother, who hasn’t read Suzanne Collins’s book, and where I found the film excellent he was sorely disappointed.

Katniss had it too easy, he complained, the plot never forcing her to compromise herself in order to survive, and never asking her to kill anyone who hasn’t been heavily signposted as evil and even then, quite rarely. This is, of course, exactly the complaint I made after reading the book, and the film indeed does nothing to address it.

The Untold Story of Cato and Clove – Chapter 12

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The bombing winds up killing Prim, the younger sister of Katniss. He was from District 4, where people use nets to catch fish. The baker’s shop becomes a setting for parts of the story. His electronics skills give him an advantage over many other competitors. She and her family die in the bombings of District He becomes known for his ruthless killing ability. Katniss watches him die in the fighting arena, as he is killed by lizard-humans.

The Hunger Games Chapter 25

Glimmer was the female tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. Along with her district partner, Marvel , she was a member of the ” Career pack” who banded together to hunt down the weaker competitors. She was indirectly killed by Katniss Everdeen , who dropped a nest of tracker jackers on the Career pack as they slept. Glimmer was born in District 1, one of the wealthiest districts, and one that is known for producing Career tributes.

She presumably spent most of her life training for the games and due to this, she most likely volunteered for the 74th Hunger Games. During the Tribute Parade , Glimmer, along with her district partner Marvel, were spray painted silver and wore tunics.

Cato and Clove belonged together and I think I would’ve liked them had they not been trying to I think that Cato and Clove were the true star-crossed lovers.

Apr 01, PM. Ive seen a lot of controversy about how in the movie Cato and Glimmer where together instead of Cato and Clove. What do you guys think? I prefer Cato and Cove. Cato and Glimmer! I don’t think that Cato and clove were together in the books.

Are cato and glimmer dating in real life

Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Favorite Quote: “The road to hell is paved with adverbs. I am standing in the training room when I first see her. Her aqua-green eyes are sharp and threatening, filled with excitement and pride.

Cato & Macro: Book 7 Simon Scarrow The horsemen emerged onto the ledge just as the last glimmer of the sun disappeared over the horizon and the sky flared up in The riders dismounted wearily and roped their mounts together away from the edge. ‘You know, I think I can begin to see why our friend likes this life.

I am numb, mentally and physically. The stings are so bad I no longer even feel the pain. After sprinting to the lake, I finally life its cooling water and escape the Tracker Jackers. I realize what has just happened. I scream out for a few minutes, until I services no longer even speak. I collapse and cry. It all comes out. A new feeling arises in my chest.

Heat of Jealousy

Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Favorite Quote: “The road to hell is paved with adverbs. I am standing in the training room when I first see her. Her aqua-green eyes are sharp and threatening, filled with excitement and pride.

The following is a list of characters in The Hunger Games trilogy, a series of young adult Peeta is the baker’s son and lives with 2 older brothers, a quiet father, and a Katniss hints of him having a girlfriend in District 2 and having moved on. Cato made it through to the final six and was absent from the feast, as Clove.

The two begin as friends but it becomes more complicated as time goes on as it becomes increasingly apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss. He eventually admits to loving her and the two even share a few kisses, but in the end, Katniss winds up with Peeta because she can’t get past the idea that Gale may have inadvertently caused Prim’s death. Even though the main love interest for Gale was Katniss, it’s possible that he could have wound up dating someone else from the series.

The following list details some of the choices. The majority of fans have a preference between one pairing or the other but what if Katniss wasn’t in the equation? In that case, it’s possible that Peeta and Gale could have been together. They certainly have a vocal fandom.


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