WATCH: Naomi Watts Could’ve Been Jimmy Fallon’s Wingman for Nicole Kidman After Their Bad Date


And it can remain like that for years—in fact, you may never get an answer. The funnyman and talented actress met on the set of the movie Almost Famous , back in They quickly became close friends, and we all know that is the best basis for a relationship. Back in December , Jimmy actually admitted to Margot Robbie on his show that he could have dated Kate Hudson, but never made a move because he was not sure the feelings were mutual. Fast forward to April 27th, and his guest is no other than Kate Hudson herself. In quarantine style, Jimmy and Kate had a virtual meeting where things were brought into light when she confronted him about his failure to ask her out. Jimmy admitted that he definitely had feelings for her.

Jimmy Fallon Blew His Chance to Date Nicole Kidman [Video]

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said a shocked Jimmy Fallon after finding out he had blown a chance to date Nicole Kidman. When the actress stopped by “The Tonight Show”.

Some of the best laughs I ever had in my entire lifetime was from that movie. While they agreed that making Almost Famous was an unbelievable experience, Hudson said that she and Fallon “have things we need to discuss” about their relationship during that time. I had no idea! I wish people could be in my body to watch you and I’s, like, relationship and friendship, because you gave me no indication. We hung out all the time. Despite Fallon’s doubts, Hudson insisted that she would have “of course” dated him, but ended up meeting her ex-husband, Chris Robinson.

Because I was a single girl and I was in New York and life was what it was. If you would have been like, ‘Hey,’ who knows? Who knows? Fallon was previously surprised to learn that Nicole Kidman had feelings for him years ago, and that they even went on what she considered a date at the time. Was that a date?! Currently, Fallon is quarantining with his family amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Keith Urban Rescues Nicole Kidman From Another Awkward ‘Tonight Show’ Interview With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is a lot of things: Internet-content creator , Bruce Springsteen aficionado , relentless dancer , bar fight escaper , etc. But one thing he most definitely is not: smooth like the ocean under the moon. Watch below as Fallon learns in real time that he once blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman because he was too busy grunting and playing video games. Fallon and Kidman have very different impressions of the meeting: “You’re going to bring Nicole Kidman over to my apartment? Watch Fallon’s face as he begins to process this information at ; his brain cracks as he starts stammering “what what what” at ; then at his brain explodes.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are ALWAYS touching each other, so an date in human history: his tour—during which friends described the place during an on-air interview between the couple and Jimmy Fallon.

When the actress stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday to talk about her new movie ” Paddington ,” Fallon brought up the one time he had met her before. As he recalled it, Kidman had come over his apartment to talk about a potential movie role, but the actress had a much different story. Her version of the meeting made Fallon fall out of his chair and had everyone turning red. Guys, Nicole Kidman confessed she “liked” Jimmy Fallon. Both Fallon and Kidman are married now with kids Kidman is with country music star Keith Urban and Fallon is with producer Nancy Juvonen — so things seem to have worked out for the best.

We still can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if Fallon had refrained from breaking out the video games though

Things Get Awkward Again Between Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman

They say life is defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss. Jimmy interviewed his pal and Almost Famous co-star Kate Hudson via video-chat, and she had a friendly bone to pick with him. It turns out, Kate just found out that Jimmy was totally into her 20 years ago, wanted to ask her out and—wait for it—she felt the same way.

Jimmy wanted their friendship to be something more, and Kate revealed that seriously had no clue but would have been into it. Jimmy, nervously giggling throughout the segment, tried to explain that he thought all of their hangs and fun adventures together they went ice skating together at Central Park, and attended a show by the legendary Canadian comedy troupe Kids In The Hall tour together indicated that he wanted more, but by then she had met love-interest Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, and it was too late.

She revealed that there was a time that she had liked him but when they hung out, he basically blanked her.

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Jimmy Fallon once again proved he’s the master of picking up cues when Kate Hudson revealed on Monday that he missed out on a chance to date her. The revelation comes after The Tonight Show host’s infamous interview with Nicole Kidman in which the actress said he didn’t realize that she liked him. During his virtual chat with Hudson, the two reminisced on costarring in the film Almost Famous , remembering how well the cast got along and hanging out together.

Then, she segued into Fallon disclosing on his show in that he had a crush on her, which caused Fallon to put his head in his hands out of embarrassment. I wish people could have been in my body to watch you and I’s relationship and friendship because you gave me no indication. Hudson said she would have absolutely dated the comedian had he ever made his motives clear.

Alas, he never did and she later married Chris Robinson. They divorced in and she is now dating musician Danny Fujikawa. Fallon protested her retelling of events, exclaiming, “That’s not the story at all! What he thought was a casual hangout was actually a date, according to Kidman. This is so embarrassing,"” she said. This means there are two different beautiful actresses who’ve said they had romantic interest in Fallon.

Who else will come out of the woodwork to reveal that the funnyman ignored their advances? Fortunately, the interviews were all in good fun maybe not for Fallon in the moment.

This Is What It’s Like to Attempt to Date Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is best known these days as a late-night talk show host , an affable entertainer with a flair for impersonations, and cracking himself up during interviews. However, before he legitimized his status as the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , the young man was hard at work trying to make his mark in Hollywood. Fallon starred in a variety of romantic comedies and popular dramas, including Almost Famous , opposite Kate Hudson.

jimmy fallon wife.

The disputed event has turned into fictionalized Tonight Show lore, fallback material for the ages. The story, as pieced together by Nicole Kidman:. Fallon: Wait what? What are you talking about?? Did I date Nicole Kidman? Kidman: You were wearing a baseball cap and like nothing. Nothing else comes to mind, except there were undeniably crackers, of this both parties are sure.

She recounts a second stab at the date. And it was when Brad [Pitt] and Jen [Aniston] were still together, so it was a long time ago. And you could have asked for my number then because it was round two — second chance. A coveted moment which only a select few people, if only one person, on this planet will ever experience—an evening brush with Chanel Number 5 model Nicole Kidman combined with limitless food—has fleeted away into the ether of Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon attempts and interview and then circles back to—please no, anything but th— the date. Watts: She said some nice things about you How does a rich, alcoholic New York comedian have such repetitive, boring stories?

Keith Urban Saves Nicole Kidman During Awkward Interview on ‘The Tonight Show’

The year-old actress said on ‘The Tonight Show’ that she fancied Fallon but according to her it was bad as TV host did not speak much when they met at his apartment, the Mirror reported. The Australian actress continued that she remembers that she liked Fallon. After hearing the entire story, Fallon asserted that he had no clue and he was in shock as he could not believe he dated Kidman. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by clicking this link.

Check out idiot boyfriend by date to air their dating in , that dating failures on nbc. Nicole kidman dated 16 december Nancy juvonen, paul rudd, wife.

Sometimes we wonder what would happen if certain celebrity couples never broke up, but what about matching up a surprising star duo and imagining what their life could have been? However, as he recalls, he had no idea it was a date — he thought it was a business meeting for Bewitched at his apartment. Apparently Fallon barely said a thing and put on a video game during their hour together, so Kidman left, assuming that there was no chemistry or that “maybe he’s gay.

With this reveal more than a decade after the fact, I can’t help but imagine how Fallon and Kidman’s relationship would have played out. They’re both happily married with kids now, so no disrespect to Keith Urban or Nancy Juvonen, but would they have costarred in a bunch of films? Perhaps double-dated with could-have-been-couple John Stamos and Amy Poehler? The possibilities are endless. Take a walk down fake memory lane with an imagined timeline of Fallon and Kidman’s relationship — or Jacole, as their couple name would be — after the interview below.

Sorry, Will Ferrell, but maybe Fallon would have been a better fit for the role of Jack. I’m not saying the movie would have been a smash hit, but with this couple’s chemistry onscreen, they wouldn’t get a razzie for “worst couple. Fallon hosted the MTV Movie Awards for the third time in , and it seems like the perfect time for them to make an adorable red-carpet debut. Plus, that would have happened on June 4, with the premiere of Bewitched later that month.

Jimmy Fallon learns how he missed out on a date with Nicole Kidman

D uring a visit to the The Tonight Show Tuesday, Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon quickly started chatting about their first interaction — but they have very different takes on that meeting. Fallon recounted that a mutual friend brought Kidman to his apartment several years ago when they were both single, and he was very concerned with what type of cheese to serve the A-list star. Listen to the most important stories of the day.

In the blink of an eye, Jimmy Fallon lost out on a chance to date Nicole Kidman.

The interview never recovered. Ten years ago, Fallon got a call out of the blue from a friend named Rick. Unsure how to handle it, Fallon had Kidman and Rick over to his apartment in New York City, where he had bought some brie cheese, corn chips and had a refrigerator of old Chinese food. But Fallon apparently had no clue that Kidman was in fact interested in Fallon for more than a mere role in a movie.

She thought he was cute and was seeing if there was any chemistry between them. And they both have kids. So no chance at all of these two ever rekindling anything from their previous lives. Follow me on Twitter: patrickkevinday.

Jimmy Fallon Just Found Out He Blew A Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for yet another unbearably sort-of-on-purpose awkward interview, where the could-have-been couple made things weird again while referencing their one time sorta-kinda-maybe date, a topic which has become a point of playful disagreement between the actress and TV host. During their chat, the Lion star and comedian played up the awkward sexual tension of their first interview with a sketch that had Fallon dreamily glossing over with apparent lust, to the tune of “Dream Weaver,” each time Kidman spoke.

The actress also revealed that there was “more to the story” regarding Fallon’s missed opportunity to date her, sharing that the late night TV host blew another chance to ask her out while attending a dinner party at director David Fincher’s house. Luckily, Kidman’s country star husband Keith Urban was on hand to step in when things got too awkward. Watch above.

Nicole Kidman leaves Jimmy Fallon blushing on The Tonight after telling him she wanted to date him – but he blew it (Picture: Xposure).

You done goofed, Jimmy Fallon. Crikey, mate. Nicole stopped by ” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ,” and the late night host immediately brought up their previous interview on the show when Jimmy found out that he unknowingly rejected romantic advances from the “Eyes Wide Shut” actress. In case you need to catch up to speed with the awkwardness of their first interview, here it is in all its golden, cringeworthy splendor:. Celebs make huge mistakes in their dating lives just like the rest of us.

But let’s get back to last night’s interview. After a playful bit that involved the song “Dream Weaver” and longing stares, Nicole dropped another truth bomb and talked about how Jimmy had a second chance to get her number and he didn’t even ask,. Apparently, Jimmy had the shot to ask for her number “at the buffet” warning: Nicole brings up “the buffet” a lot and failed to do it.

While Nicole recounts the story like it was yesterday, Jimmy pretends to vaguely remember the encounter. Nicole, who claimed that Jimmy clearly wasn’t interested in her at the time, put the whole blunder best when she said,. By Tim McGovern.

What Kate Hudson And Jimmy Fallon Teach Us About Mixed Signals

Jimmy made the joke that he was leaving Bayside and moving to New York City to possibly date Nicole , which of course is in reference to their disastrous date story that recently went viral. In case you missed it, watch the hilarious skit now! The year-old actress went back to acting right after she wrapped up her promotion tour for latest film Paddington on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Gala Ball 10 years ago. They find it fascinating and kind of, I suppose enticing. Watch the video below!

Nicole Kidman is one woman that’s every man’s dream. Hot, beautiful, witty and well groomed, she has everything in place. The one thing she doesn’t have.

Now that Nicole Kidman ‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has gone viral, the actress is bound to field even more questions about her admission that she was once interested in the late-night host. Two days after the epic interview — during which Jimmy seemed shocked to find out he actually stood a chance with her — Nicole said the juicy chat was totally unplanned. As for whether Nicole got nervous about the confession, it seems she enjoyed watching Jimmy’s reaction as much as everyone else has.

I watched him. He didn’t edit anything out. Of course, it’s all for a good laugh nowadays, seeing as Nicole went on to marry Keith Urban , a man with an unparalleled passion for the Australian beauty, and Jimmy has gone on to start a family of his own with wife Nancy Juvonen. Jimmy Fallon Nicole Kidman. Around The Web. You May Also Like. Jimmy Fallon. Conan O’Brien.

Box of Lies with Nicole Kidman

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